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Flavio Masson's Income Inequality Talk on Fighting Hunger in Brazil

 - Jun 6, 2014
References: rangri.br & youtu.be
In his income inequality talk, Flavio Masson discusses the disparity in Brazil and what he is doing to decrease the gap. In a country where there are 11.2 million starving people, the speaker felt compelled to help. His solution is a social enterprise where every time he eats, a hungry person can too.

The result is a food ordering platform. This satiates the hunger of the rich, who can order in 30 seconds and feel connected to a community of people with shared values. Restaurants are charged 10% of the order, but are happy to pay as it is low risk and they receive more business. 50% of Rangri's net profits go to hunger-fighting philanthropies, so the poor are looked after as well. This way the profit made is in equal proportion to the impact. The platform also has a gamified component, making it fun for people to give back.

The income inequality talk also highlights the importance of partnerships.