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Neil Blumenthal's Social Business Innovation Keynote is Engaging

 - Apr 26, 2014
References: warbyparker & vimeo
Sharing with the audience how he was able to radically transform the eyewear industry, start a successful business and make a social impact on the world, Neil Blumenthal opens up about his experiences on how he started Warby Parker in his interesting social business innovation keynote.

In his talk, the Co-CEO of the design and prescription glasses online store Warby Parker explains to the audience how he was able to make his business successful by using branding techniques that were authentic to the brand, using relatable and personable marketing tools and understanding the power of honest narrative and storytelling.

Urging the audience to be excited about turning socially-conscious ideas as simple as access to much-need glasses into a reality, this social business innovation keynote highlights how to fill a niche, how to focus on organically growing and keeping in touch with your social mission.