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Toby Eccles Touts Private Funding in His Social Change Keynote

 - Jan 29, 2014
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Toby Eccles discusses an innovative and profitable way to increase offender rehabilitation in his social change keynote. Eccles is a Director at Social Finance in London, England and pioneered the Social Impact Bond. The Social Impact Bond encourages private investors to finance rehabilitation programs for inmates. Eccles discusses how investors receive profit for every 10% reduction in specific convictions.

Eccles' social change keynote emphasizes that private funding for rehabilitation programs for inmates will cover what public funding can't. Private funding will not only give inmates a chance at a normal life, but will result in socially conscious profit for investors. Within a few years, the program can be expanded to a wider net of investors once it has been proven effective.

Investing in social change is a great way for individuals and companies to add support and funds to what the government already gives.