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Chris Heivly's Speech on Entrepreneurship Discusses Fort-Building & Startups

 - Nov 3, 2014
In his speech on entrepreneurship, Chris Heivly uses building a fort as a metaphor for building a business -- or anything else. The founder of MapQuest discusses his own experiences with MapQuest and the Startup Factory. He hopes the lessons he learned as a child building forts will help the audience make the leap and build their own dreams -- whether it's a new venture or a creative project.

The speech on entrepreneurship draws parallels between the steps in building an awesome fort and in starting something new. First, is sharing the dream or idea freely and getting socialized. The second is gathering stuff and resources. This is closely linked to the third step, which is engaging people. These people are usually those who could bring their own resources and sometimes perks are required. Keeping your driving purpose in mind is also important, whether it's for fun or for the sake of doing something new.