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Jen Storey's Startup Advice Relates to Validation and Readiness

 - Sep 13, 2014
In her speech giving startup advice, Jen Storey addresses some of the most common questions people ask her as an editor of an online publication specializing in entrepreneurship. Most of the questions fall into three categories, but Storey only discusses the ones relating to readiness and validation.

The speaker states the concept of a startup is finding problems worth solving and getting your ideas from them. She notes everyone has great ideas, but people don't know what to do with them next. Startups are happening right now and have potential for rapid growth but no guarantee for success. Therefore, it is a lot like life or parenting. As such, the speaker believes everyone is ready.

When determining if your idea is valid, Storey's startup advice is to ask what your idea is trying to address and why is it important. She also suggests doing research into your potential market, understanding the hurdles ahead of you and developing a business plan.