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Alexis Madrigal's Digital Innovation Keynote Focuses on Achievement

 - Jun 13, 2014
References: alexismadrigal & vimeo
In his digital innovation keynote, Alexis Madrigal discusses his solutions to finding the next big thing in the mobile world and actually executing it -- as opposed to just thinking up great ideas.

The popular journalist and co-founder of Longshot magazine shares his views on why startups need to focus on getting over creating and birthing new mobile social ventures and moving on to a novel paradigm for what to do next.

In the talk, Madrigal uses examples like Facebook and the internet as a whole to explain to the audience how the entrepreneurial startup movement has plateaued with the lack of ambition vision. He strongly believes that the way to get over this is to get over everything that already exists. In his digital innovation keynote, Madrigal highlights the importance of putting a stop on free web apps and finding fresh creative perspectives.