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This Internet Freedoms Keynote by Hillary Clinton Promotes Limited Barriers

 - Nov 15, 2012
References: hillaryclinton & youtu.be
In this Internet freedoms keynote, Hillary Clinton argues against a government-controlled online world. She describes the Internet as the "public square of the 21st century" and believes that the implementation of barriers and restrictions within that realm creates political, moral and economic costs.

She uses the revolutionary protests in Iran and Egypt to demonstrate how the Internet is both a force of liberation and a force of repression. Clinton, however, believes that this point of contention is besides the point. What truly matters are the values and principles that inspire these actions. She sees the digital age as an opportunity to enable and enforce democracy and freedom, or as a tool to be used and manipulated by oppressive governments to further repress citizens.

Hillary Clinton delivers her Internet freedoms keynote eloquent and powerfully, demonstrating her authority on the subject.