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Dean DeBiase's Startup Culture Talk Identifies Four Archetypes

 - Oct 7, 2013
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The Dean DeBiase startup culture talk explains the 'non-trepreneur' movement and the work the speaker is doing with 1841. 1841 is a Chicago-based digital startup incubator designed to give entrepreneurs an unfair competitive advantage and a supportive ecosystem. DeBiase says non-trepreneurs are behind most successful startups and can make the difference between a sustainable movement and a bursting bubble.

When asked about the early success of 1841, DeBiase credits bringing the right people together. His startup culture talk identifies four types of people an organization needs: fire spotters, persistent planners, brave builders and supportive sustainers. Spotters create a focused sense of urgency and lead with vision. Planners design innovative blueprints and focus on solving challenges. Builders craft brighter solutions together and creative a supportive environment for entrepreneurs. Sustainers drive the movement forward by mentoring, connecting people and being ambassadors.