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Joe Gebbia's Startup Steps Keynote Ends with an Actionable Takeaway

 - May 1, 2014
References: airbnb & vimeo
Sharing how he founded his successful startup, Joe Gebbia advises the audience to not be hasty and take things step-by-step when executing an idea to completion in his startup steps keynote.

In his talk, the Airbnb founder explains that executing ideas start with a process of small single steps to make sure you understand the pros and cons -- the benefits and pitfalls -- of each one of the steps as not to make the same mistakes.

The startup steps keynote is insightful because it rings true. The entrepreneur talks about how we all have ideas that we get excited about, and how rushing into them is not always the best method. Gebbia believes in staying lean when it comes to strategy and always asking "what's the next step?" only when the one beforehand is complete.