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Rahul Barwani Shares Insight in This Press Relations Keynote

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: linkedin & vimeo
Winner of the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge, Rahul Barwani shares his insight into the importance of public relations for start-ups in this press relations keynote.

Barwani focuses on the importance of differentiating your start-up in a public arena so as to become well known in the startup community. The need to stand out becomes pivotal when curating the perfect image at a business start-up. Barwani focuses on taking advantage of facets such as direct and indirect publicity and tailoring a mission statement in a simplified way in order to gain the attention of people wanting to learn more.

This curation of ideas is beneficial to businesses as they generate a specific image that will make it distinguishable through its press strategy. Barwani suggests a sense of immediacy in expressing a tailored brand image in this press relations keynote.