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Scott Dorsey Delivers Valuable Advice in This Startup Keynote

 - Jul 12, 2012
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In this startup keynote, Scott Dorsey provides five ideas on how to create a thriving company. Dorsey is the CEO and co-founder of the email marketing and interactive marketing company ExactTarget and provides insight on how startups can build larger sales capacity and breed entrepreneurial success.

The first piece of advice is to look big from the early days onward -- appearing established is very important. This can be achieved by crafting a professional perception through the website, social media and running in bigger circles. The next piece of advice is to leverage the web, but to not rely on it for sales. Thirdly, hiring should be done in groups of three because it gives you the ability to train and enable everyone at the same time. This also allows the company to see if the model is working and not just the individual. Additionally, test various business models in order to see what will be more profitable. And, finally build channel distribution as it provides an ability to leverage and this is an easy way to find reach. By applying these steps, Dorsey's sartup keynote provides insight on how to make it big.