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Doug Ward's Entrepreneurship Presentations Explores Social Issues

 - Jun 21, 2014
In his entrepreneurship presentation, Doug Ward described how entrepreneurs are really just problem solvers. This is a great thing considering unsustainable processes are destroying our shared home, Earth, like rampant poverty.

He went on to share his personal experience quitting his university degree and teaching himself how to code after his app failed miserably. Even though it was difficult when his loved ones questioned his sanity, he was inspired to think differently after viewing videos online. Watching a Steve Jobs talk about being mindful you're going to die made him feel grateful to be alive and have the opportunity to do what he wanted to do. He realized he wanted to have as much social impact in the world as possible before dying.

Modelled after Bill and Melinda Gates, his entrepreneurship presentation took the perspective of not getting rich and giving back at the end of your career, but giving back during one's career.