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The Jake Hemingway talk on adventure shares his personal experience embarking on a five day...

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Jake Hemingway's Talk on Adventure Proposes to Stop Thinking So Much

 - Apr 21, 2015
References: rewritingrules & youtu.be
In his talk on adventure, Jake Hemingway explains his philosophy of "doing is better than perfection." The blogger also discusses "how to become a sponsored skateboarder when you really are not that good at skateboarding." The missionary turned entrepreneur shares his personal experience of a five day skateboarding around the island of Taiwan.

The speaker feels people have a tendency to overthink and overplan rather than actually taking action. He believes nothing is ever perfect, so you may as well go out and try to do something. Inspired by the sign hanging in Facebook HQ that reads "Done is better than perfect," the talk on adventure states 99% of people just watch and less than 1% of viewers on YouTube have ever posted a video. He expands to say people are mostly consumers and just watch people do amazing things in the world. He encourages us not to merely sit on the sidelines.