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Mitt Romney Give a Rousing Speech on Life

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: elections.nbcnews & youtube
At Southern Virginia University,·former presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave an inspirational speech on life and exploring all it has to offer at their 2013 commencement.

Romney begins his commencement speech on life by telling the graduating class that up until now their whole life has been about school, and it is today when they truly begin their life. The best way to live one’s life, Romney says, is to "launch out into the deep," by which he means to grab every experience you can and to embrace living. Romney believes that the four keys areas one should not hesitate in, is love (marriage), starting a family, working hard and their relationship with God.

By the end of his speech on life, Romney urges the Southern Virginia graduating class of 2013 to not spend their time in shallow waters, and to not be afraid to experience life.