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President George W. Bush Gives a Beautiful Speech on Volunteering

 - Feb 16, 2014
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In his commencement address to the 2007 graduating class at Saint Vincent College, President George Bush gave a moving and heartfelt speech on volunteering.

President Bush's speech discussed how the American people have always had a strong history and spirit of volunteering, and he called upon the young people of America to "reinvigorate and renew" this spirit. Though you won’t become wealthy for donating your time, the rewards of serving your community and country are far greater than money. Serving your community can take on many forms beyond simply donating your time to a charity, and if you don’t know yet how you want to serve, he says that’s okay.

President Bush’s speech on volunteering manages to give the noble task an incredibly romantic quality and challenges those graduating, to "make [volunteer] service more than a line on your resume."