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Nikita Bier's Economic Policy Speech Examines a Lack of Class-Based Voting

 - Oct 28, 2013
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In his economic policy speech, Nikita Bier explains how his app and now website can show voters how decisions their government make can directly affect them. Bier states out of all the countries in the Western world, Americans are least likely to vote according to their financial self-interest. This is because US citizens are more likely to vote according to cultural issues like religion, while more racially homogeneous nations focus on class concerns.

Bier developed this app with some friends while he was a student in 2011. It allowed users to compare taxes under Barack Obama compared to Mitt Romney leading up to the 2012 presidential election. Research showed 6% of people voted differently after using the app, significantly altering the results of the presidency. Bier's economic policy speech looks at his present work with his website, as he scales this technology to help different governments.