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Amanda Sussman Explains Why Citizens Need to Do More Than Just Vote

 - Jan 20, 2012
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In this speech, Amanda Sussman demonstrates how anyone can make a difference when it comes to politics. She begins her speech by sharing her experiences of working both inside and outside government institutions, explaining how political decisions are made quickly and often by unsuspected officials. She also explains why the way an issue or question is framed plays a hugely important in the way in which it is handled.

Amanda Sussman then discusses the outside forces that are capable of influencing the decisions politicians make as well as holding them accountable to making decisions in favor of those who voted them into the government. Amanda Sussman argues that citizens cannot assume that all perspectives and opinions are known to a government official making an important decision; there simply isn't enough time or resources to have officials adequately informed. For this reason, Amanda Sussman urges citizens to go beyond voting by strengthening their ability to come together have their voices heard.