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Round 1 of the Presidential Debate 2012 Between Romney and Obama

 - Oct 4, 2012
People all over the globe tuned in last night to round one of the presidential debate 2012 between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. The topic of the first debate focused on the future of the American economy and each candidate presented their plans and strategies for the next four years.

While Mitt Romney criticized Obama's last four years in office, including his failed policies to revive the American economy and implement universal health care, Barack Obama insisted that with a bit more time, the American people will witness the effectiveness of his policies. With a spotlight on the future of the well-being of the middle class in America, the two candidates went back and forth for over ninety minutes, touching on topics such as health care, the country's relationship with China and investments in small business.

The first of three rounds of the presidential debate 2012 came to an end and according to the media, fell in favor of Mitt Romney.