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Michelle Obama's Emotionally Surged Keynote at the DNC

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: youtube
Michelle Obama’s emotionally surged keynote address at the Democratic National Convention 2012 was one of the most memorable political speeches in some time. As one of the headlining speakers, Obama endorsed her husband, current President Barack Obama, in a heartfelt and incredibly moving speech.

Using her own personal experience and family memories as a guide to showing the audience the values of the Obama family (and moreover the Obama Presidency), Michelle gave, perhaps, one of the best speeches of the year and a political address that is sure to go down in history. After declaring herself the ‘Mom in Chief,’ Michelle drove home some of the finer points of the Democratic bid for Presidency—education, health care, medical rights, marriage rights, etc. Her passionate and powerful way of speaking and relating to the audience makes her a fascinating woman to watch and an incredibly inspiring figure.

The first lady is currently showing a 65 percent nation-wide approval rating (far higher than her husband’s). Perhaps we’ll see her own bid for Presidency someday…