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Former Public Editor Daniel Okrent Talks Perceived Bias in News Media

 - Mar 9, 2012
References: danielokrent & youtu.be
Journalist and editor Daniel Okrent discusses his former post as Public Editor of the New York Times complaint department. Daniel Okrent explores the New York Times influence within the media, as many other outlets tend to look to it to see what to lead with, and the role of a public editor and the hostility he was at times met with from staff.

Daniel Okrent dealt with complaints on a daily basis at the Times regarding perceived bias in everything from headlines to photo captions, and cites the 2003 coverage of Bush's choice to go to war over weapons of mass destruction and the 2004 presidential election as his most trying times in the position. According to Daniel Okrent, he realized after his first few months at the iconic newspaper that the absence of the Times' coverage of its own mistakes was problematic, as its writers "should have been writing about what they and the rest of the media got wrong."