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Yoav Gonen Reveals How to Get a News Interview From a Subject

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: yoavgonen & youtube
In this conversation, Educational Reporter for the New York Post Yoav Gonen discusses how one can approach news sources that are going to be presented negatively in a story. He shares that it’s important to be honest with them; by telling the subject of story the information you have on them and by giving them the opportunity to present their side of the story, Yoav demonstrates that usually your subjects will want to share their perspective rather than remain silent.

He reveals that it is not as hard for an emerging journalist to get information from one of these types of subjects as they may think, even if the information about the subject is negative, as people do, generally, want to say something on their own behalf. In this intriguing discussion, Yoav Gonen gives his audience practical advice for how to best deal with interviewing news subjects and shows how honesty and open-mindedness are a reporter’s best qualities.