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Will Farrell Explains His Journey in His USC Commencement Speech

 - May 16, 2017
References: youtube
Will Farrell attended the USC commencement ceremony this year to deliver a highly humorous and inspiring speech to its graduates.

He acknowledges the great feats of the professors and students at the university, and continues to mention his own achievements in a comical and self-depreciating way -- such as playing the cowbell, and dressing us as an elf. Throughout his USC commencement speech, Farrell touches on controversial topics like United Airlines, and Donald Trump's fake university -- which he jokes that he's still owed money from.

Farrell continues his USC commencement speech by explaining how his career unfolded after he became an alumni of the university. Although he went to USC with the hope of landing a job as a sports broadcaster, he found during his time there that his true passion was in comedy. He explains how he was encouraged by a particular professor during his time there, who enabled him to see himself as funny to crowds of people.

Throughout his speech, Farrell highlights the impact that the support of loved ones had on his career, as well as some of the barriers he faced to get to where he is today. He states that the fear of failure never plagued him all that much, but rather the fear of "what if," which prompted him to keep going even when things looked bleak. With this, Farrell inspires the class of 2017 to always push forward and to have confidence in their ability.