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Michelle Obama's Farewell Speech Sends an Empowering Message

 - Jan 10, 2017
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Michelle Obama's farewell speech left many people praising her time as the First Lady of the United States.

The speech was to be her last official one as the First Lady, and took place at an annual event that honors school counselors across the country. After acknowledging those that had helped her in her journey to refocus America's schools on higher learning, and praising the men and women who help children and teens throughout that journey, the First Lady ended with an inspirational message about the future. With many people now unsure about the United States' future under new political leadership, the First Lady spoke to provide hope for those individuals. Michelle Obama speaks to the importance of young people empowering and informing themselves through education, and encourages her audience to work hard to protect the freedoms and rights that America is supposed to uphold for all people. She asserts that anything is possible through commitment, dedication and a good education -- despite the limitations that others are often quick to place on individuals.

Alluding to the mainstream rhetoric that casts aside the rights of women, religious and ethnic minorities and those in LGBTQ communities, the First Lady reminds Americans that the country was built on its diversity and is better for it. Her powerful words mark the end of an era in which intelligence, dedication and personal and professional ethics were fundamental components of American politics.