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In Her Talk on the Education System, Liat Ben David Considers Its Evolution

 - May 3, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Dr. Liat Ben David, the CEO of the Wolf Foundation, compares the rate at which the world is changing to how young people are learning in her talk on the education system -- revealing a huge disparity that shows how little current resources are being taken advantage of.

As an educator herself, Liat has had years of experience in classrooms, where she's realized that teaching itself is often looked down upon, due to how outdated it's become, and how little educators are rewarded. She says throughout her talk on the education system that this lack of change has resulted in a lot of frustration -- which has left students feeling uninspired and unprepared.

She says that the system needs to be active, creative, innovation, and flexible in order to work around these issues. A big part of reforming this is breaking out of curriculums that greatly hinder progress, putting less weight on standardized tests, encouraging creativity, and giving students room to fail.