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Bathany Koby's Talk on Programming Explores the Value of Coding

 - Jan 25, 2017
References: techwillsaveus & youtube
Throughout her talk on programming, Bethany Koby highlights how coding can easily be taught to a generation of children who are growing up on smartphones, tablets and more.

She starts off her talk on programming by acknowledging the relationship people have with the many forms of technology that surround them and how they can better it by learning to be producers of technology, rather than just users. By teaching children to use technology as a platform for education, creativity and design, Koby says that they can take full advantage of the impressive products that surround them instead of simply consuming them at a base level.

In order for this to happen, Koby says that toys need to be smarter, so that children are able to take full advantage of the enthusiasm to learn that they are naturally born with in an accessible manner. This is especially valuable today, as having these skills enable children to be better prepared for the future, as a vast number of the jobs that will be available to them will be based around technology.