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Reshma Saujani’s Talk About Bravery Focuses on Female Empowerment

 - Mar 8, 2016
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During this talk about bravery, speaker Reshma Saujani emphasizes the importance of empowering girls to be just as fearless as their male counterparts. The talk challenges traditional gender norms that insist boys are taught to be brave, while girls are taught to be smart.

Saujani says this outdated idea leads women to be afraid of failure -- making them less likely to ask for a raise, run for congress or merely seek help from teachers. Saujani believes that women are overly cautious because they have been socialized to aspire to perfection. This results in women shunning away from opportunity rather than taking action.

As the founder of 'Girls Who Code,’ Saujani knows that the technology industry is dominated by men. Women aren't drawn to this career because the act of coding takes perseverance and continual trial and error. Using coding as a primary example, this inspirational talk about bravery urges parents and educational institutions to promote innovation and courage -- not perfection.