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Kandice Sumner's Talk on Education Considers Impoverished Children

 - Dec 11, 2016
References: ted & youtube
Throughout her talk on education, Kandice Sumner unfurls how segregated America's public school system remains. In addition to schools in low-income areas teaching less advanced content, they're severely lacking in resources as well.

This means unhealthy lunches, damaged and outdated books and fewer opportunities to develop musical and athletic skills. Due to this, children in low-income areas, especially in communities of color, are held back in life. With her talk on education, Kandice Sumner highlights the need for equality when it comes to the American public school system by pointing out the facts so that they can be changed.

While she was growing up, Kandice Sumner took a bus to the suburban public schools which provided her with the necessary resources that would help her excel, however she noticed the other children around her were experiencing an "educational train wreck." Now, she teaches in a low-income area and sees just how problematic this institutional segregation continues to be -- with wealthy white children reaping the benefits while others are left behind.