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Domenico Randazzo's Talk on Millennials Describes a Plan

 - Feb 29, 2016
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In his talk on millennials, Domenico Randazzo outlines his strategy to destroy the millennial stereotype and replace it with a generation that brings about positive change with a four step plan incorporating music, design, education and mentorship. Each of these four mediums attempt to play into two different areas of personal growth: creativity and passion.

The aspiring rock star and current high school student advocates for reinventing the public education system. The 17 year old speaker suggests a career-based academy approach to the high school curriculum in an effort to combat what he refers to as an "over-saturation of well-roundedness" and restrictive honors and non-honors dichotomies. The talk on millennials pitches the ideas to foster more mentorships and "attack the culture," both of which Domenico Randazzo created organizations for. By combining music, design and cultural reform, he hopes to start a movement leading to a new Renaissance.

The forward-thinking young man believes his peers lack confidence because the current system stops kids from being unique. He hopes to change this.