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The Janell Burley Hofman talk about technology provides insight on how teenagers and 'Generation X'...

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Janell Burley Hofman's Teen-Oriented Talk About Technology is on Outlook

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: youtu.be
In her talk about technology, Janell Burley Hofman speaks to a Generation X-comprised audience about being "digital directors" who shape and lead the rest of society. Through her work with teenagers, the speaker observed they are using technology in more balanced ways than adults and find it easier to strike that balance.

She has seen teens dismantle stereotypes about Internet usage and has a view that the Internet is a positive place. The talk about technology shows how it can make education more engaging, enrich social lives and make people feel more connected and a part of the world around them. This encourages a shift in perspective that builds bridges instead of walls when it comes to online usage.

The speaker positions technology as a choice -- people can use it to be mean or distracted, but don't have to. Technology can be used to curate out online experiences as we choose how to represent ourselves online.