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Richard Tuck's Talk About Unemployment Attacks Institutions

 - Jan 17, 2016
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In his talk about unemployment, Richard Tuck explains how graduate employment metrics cause graduate underemployment. The professor and CEO drops several statistics on the subject, like in the United States and Canada youth unemployment is double the adult average and is expected to increase. The rate of graduate underemployment is currently 44% and the speaker is passionate about righting this systemic issue.

There is an extreme skills gap between academia and industry and employee turnover is at its highest in history. In the talk about unemployment, he blames institutional structures instead of millennials themselves. The speaker advocates for a new structure that emphasizes experiential education by introducing industry to academic institutions early on, both in and outside of the classroom.

Finally the talk about unemployment issues three challenges: for industry to engage with education early and invest in future employees; for schools to concentrate on quality of career instead of quantity of placements; and for students not to settle for mediocrity.