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Kang Lee's Child Study Speech Reveals Unique Uses for Imaging Tech

 - Jan 18, 2017
References: kangleelab & youtube
Dr. Kang Lee's child study speech reveals the effectiveness of the lies that children tell, and the fact that this is a relatively normal part of child development.

Dr. Lee begins by encouraging parents to see their children's lies as a positive thing – particularly when they begin lying at a young age, as this means that they have better self-control and awareness than most of the kids in their age group. He outlines a study that he conducted where he challenged children to a game, then told them not to peek at the card and made an excuse to leave. He found that while children around the age of two tend to be honest when confronted about peeking at the cards when they think no one is looking, as they get older they are increasingly likely to lie and say they did not peek. Lee then talks about how in another study, participants were largely unable to guess when children were lying or when they were telling the truth. From this information Lee developed a transdermal imaging technique that allows researchers to detect lies based on the blood circulation in children's faces. When their cheeks are devoid of blood and their noses appear more flushed, children are likely to be lying.

The transdermal imaging technique that Dr. Lee used has implications for other industries as well – including security, marketing, education and even dating.