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Courtney Martin Considers Generational Issues in Her Talk on Change

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: courtneyemartin & youtube
Courtney Martin, a feminist, political activist and journalist, explores what the American dream really means in a fragmented economy in her talk on change.

She starts off by explaining that most inhabitants of the US no longer consider the future to be a place of prosperity and that they don't think their children will have a better chance at succeeding than they did. With the economy of the western world no longer in the state it was, these feelings are warranted when one limits their image of the American dream to these terms.

Despite this, Courtney Martin says that it's important to reconsider how success is defined in her talk on change. By this she means that in order for a person to maintain their happiness and optimism, they need to adjust their perceptions of work and family and make their goals regarding them more structured around community and creativity.

In doing so, Americans go back to a village-focused lifestyle, which is built around shared values and companionship rather than seclusion and consumerism.