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Candice Bledsoe's Story Telling Speech Emphasizes Education

 - Jan 10, 2017
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Dr. Candice Bledsoe gives an empowering story telling speech that emphasizes the importance of exploring hidden narratives.

The professor talks about her relationship with her grandmother, who herself was a passionate educator and who taught Dr. Bledsoe many of the lessons she still holds dear today. One of the lessons that stuck with her as a young child was when Dr. Bledsoe was accepted into private school and her grandmother told her the importance of finding the missing narratives -- with the example she used being the lynching of Jesse Washington in 1916. These are the narratives that are hidden from mainstream discourse and accepted history, so that those of dominant groups can establish their own narratives as objective truths.

Dr. Candice's speech holds an important lesson in bias, critical thinking and the importance of exploring what there is yet to understand, rather than blindly accepting information that is provided.