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Kid Cudi Returned to His High School for His Talk on the Music Industry

 - Dec 9, 2016
References: kidcudi & youtube
In his talk on the music industry, Scott Mescudi, otherwise known by his hip hop moniker Kid Cudi, went back to Shaker Heights High School in Ohio to elaborate on his rise to fame and what it meant for him.

Throughout the TEDx speech, he considers the importance of remembering one's roots when they're faced with an identity crisis of sorts, to ensure that they stay grounded and keep track of what's truly important. In addition, his talk on the music industry stresses how central self confidence is to one's success, especially when it comes to creatively driven work that's often scoffed at.

Considering that Kid Cudi's career means that he's constantly in the eye of the public, maintaining a level head is not only a key feature to his success, but his happiness. With this, Kid Cudi's talk on the music industry explains the emotional roller coaster that comes with fame, while inspiring those in his hometown to follow their passion.