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Leila Hoteit's Empowerment Speech Focuses on Women's Success

 - Dec 8, 2016
References: bcg & youtube
The successful engineer and businesswoman Leila Hoteit provides a unique perspective in this empowerment speech in regards to the unique struggles that Arab women must face in their professional and personal lives.

The talk denounces the ways in which Arabic women are represented by the West as "poor and oppressed" women when that is often not the case. The unique struggles of professional Arab women is that they have more responsibilities than their male counterparts, while also facing more "cultural rigidity" than Western women.

Leila Hoteit provides ways in which Arab women, and people in general, can ensure that their success is not limited by societal constraints. The key pieces of advice that she offers are the importance of converting negative experiences into motivation, applying the professional skills learned in the workplace to home lives and empowering other women. This last point is particularly interesting as she says that in the West, women tend to view each other as competition due to their limited positions "at the top," whereas in Arab culture they build large networks of support and work to empower each other to get to the top.

Leila Hoteit's professional and personal successes are vast, and her advice on the importance of female empowerment can be absorbed by people from all cultures.