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Victor Rio's Talk on Youth Issues Considers the Value of Support

 - Dec 14, 2016
References: drvictorrios & youtube
Victor Rios, an award-winning professor, speaker and author, had to overcome a lot of adversity while growing up -- a story that he regales to his TED audience during his talk on youth issues.

To begin, he explains his area of study, specifically citing his research regarding underprivileged youth who've been failed by the education system that's currently in place. He goes on to examine the importance of giving these students a chance, rather than leaving them in a position that's destined for failure. Instead of looking at these individuals as dangerous delinquents, Victor Rios explores the contributions that they can bring to the education system in his talk on youth issues.

Growing up in severe poverty in the inner-city, Victor Rios understands exactly what it's like to labeled in such a detrimental way. However, he had a teacher that took the time to reach out to him. He considers the effect that her patience, sympathy and unwavering support had on him. With this in mind, Victor Rios expands on what other educators can do to give these students a chance in the world.

One vital component is to not assume their identity based on their upbringing. A second is to value the powerful stories and experiences they offer. Lastly, Victor Rios stresses the importance of providing them with adequate resources so that they have access to the tools they need to succeed and learn from their mistakes.