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Bongolwethu Sonti's Talk on Youth Explores the Value of Young People

 - Jan 25, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Bongolwethu Sonti focuses much of his time on Greenpop's Urban Greening Program, where he works closely with young people through multiple organizations -- which he discusses in his talk on youth. He starts out by considering the changes everyone undergoes when they start to grow up and the difficulties that come with a lack of adults wishing to explain things. When growing up, Sonti experienced what it was like to not have a say in his education -- which brought a lot of frustration for him.

He says that in order for adults to properly engage youth, they need to involve them more, in both the public and private sector through a "comfortable and familiar platform." In addition, Sonti says that it's important to look at young people as individuals, with different upbringings, backgrounds and more.

Throughout his talk on youth, Sonti delves into the detrimental effects of labels and the need for adults to encourage growth rather than hinder it.