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The Audrey Choi talk about sustainable investing discusses how big corporations and making the world... Need Inspiration?

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Audrey Choi's Investing Talk is on Making a Profit and Doing Good

 - Mar 31, 2016
In her sustainable investing talk, Audrey Choi explains how big corporations and positive social change can go hand in hand. The speaker shows how it is possible to make a profit while also making a difference.

She states sustainable investing done right can also be sound investing. Capital markets are not just for the elite, but are actually owned by everyday people. The investing talk encourages people to invest in big companies with socially conscious values. The speaker gives several proof points that sustainable investing can pay, including Al Gore's company. She believes the biggest obstacle may just be in our heads, and says it's time to let go of myth that if you add values into investments, you will make less money.