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Caleb Harper’s Talk on Agriculture Explains How He Created a Miniature Farm

 - Mar 9, 2016
While addressing the global food crisis in his talk on agriculture, Caleb Harper presents and describes his invention called ‘CitiFARM.’ This indoor farming unit is essentially a miniature crop field that can be dismantled, shipped and rebuilt anywhere in the world.

While tomorrow’s generation slowly disconnects from farmlands, Harper suggests an alternative solution -- technology. CitiFARM, which has the ability to grow crops, plants and healthy food, is one idea that seeks to combat the global food crisis. Harper explains that this tiny technological farm can track plant growth, create localized tastes and eliminate toxins.

This talk on agriculture and progressive farming teaches the audience that as a global community we are battling against both food shortages and food waste. However, the development of innovative technology such as Harper’s invention could change the future of farming and global sustainability.