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The Miklós Antal talks on economic growth discuss a need for an alternative model and the barriers...

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Miklós Antal's Economic Growth Speech Discusses Decoupling

 - May 29, 2014
References: youtu.be
In his economic growth speech, Miklós Antal discusses the need for an alternative economic model. The ecological economist explains how humans set off on the path of economic growth when increased population density and easier trade allowed for self-sufficiency, specialized activity, market competition and mutual dependency. The speaker talks about how GDP rates as well as rates of unemployment are correlated.

This dependence on growth is due to three factors: unemployment; larger economies resulting in more money; and self-amplification. The rest of the economic growth speech theorizes on decoupling and green growth. People are sceptic of an economic model based on environmental sustainability because of environmental limits, emerging economies, resource scarcity, efficiency limits, physical lock-in, social inertia and problem shifting.

The speaker states there is a frightening economic denial in place and that we cannot be afraid to look beyond current paradigms.