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In Her Talk in Inner Strength, Jemyma Betrian Explains Her Own Journey

 - Feb 2, 2017
References: jemymabetrian & youtube
Jemyma Betrian, a Curaçaoan kickboxer who's based out of the Netherlands, explains how she found her power in her talk on inner strength.

She begins by delving into the sense of fascination she garnered for the sport when she first happened upon it. Immediately attracted by the energy of it, she was at first timid of joining. Eventually, she began to train as a kickboxer, which allowed her to channel her stress into sport. After winning the world title in Las Vegas, Jemyma Betrian decided to try her hand at MMA, which prompted her to learn new fighting styles and refine her skills.

During this time, she found that her voice was being lost, and that she was starting to lose her love for her passion. She continues her talk on inner strength by telling her audience of the lessons she learned during this process. She breaks this advice down into two main points: telling them to not let money get in the way of their passion, and to always put their mind and body first.