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Rutger Bregman's Speech on Poverty Advocates for a Universal Income

 - May 26, 2017
References: youtube & ted
In his speech on poverty, Rutger Bregman encourages America to change its views and adopt a basic income guarantee policy that will eradicate poverty in the nation once and for all.

Bregman begins his speech by discussing the problems with how we view those who are impoverished – believing that they are poor as a result of a "personality defect" – in Margaret Thatcher's words.The reality is that studies have shown that poor people do not make bad decisions because there is something wrong with them, but because of "scarcity mentality" – anything necessary that is scarce will change behavior, no matter who is being observed. He proposes the basic income guarantee, and reveals its benefits that have been shown time and time again in studies done across the world – from Canada to India.

The basic income would provide every individual with enough money to stay above the poverty line, allowing them to do with their time what they wish – and studies have shown that this almost always includes either working, or pursuing education. Bregman also reveals that America's poverty issue, and all its ineffective assistance programs, are actually more expensive than a universal basic income would be, making the idea both practically and financially feasible.