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The Brené Brown Vulnerability Keynote is Courageous

 - Sep 20, 2012
References: brenebrown & youtube
The Brené Brown vulnerability keynote speech lets people know that great things can come out of a feeling that may sometimes be viewed as weakness. Brown says that three amazing things can happen out of feeling vulnerable including innovation, creativity and change. To be vulnerable is to be courageous according to Brown.

Brown says that in order to innovate, you must be able to adapt to change, and when this happens, there is no way to avoid the feeling of vulnerability. Brown also talks about the topic of shame and how if you can confront it head on, then great things can happen. If you can try and talk yourself out of the feeling of shame, then you'll be able to do so much more.

Brown says you have to be willing to shut your own shame out, because the biggest critic, the one who will hold you back, is yourself. She says that shame is an epidemic and we need a better understanding of what it does to us. She also brings an interesting take on gender differences in terms of shame. Her speech is highly motivational and encourages people to put aside bad thoughts and to just go for whatever they want.