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Thandie Newton Discusses the Importance of Letting Go of Our Selves

 - Jan 5, 2012
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Actress Thandie Newton discusses individuals' human-developed idea of ourselves. She tells the compelling story of personal memorable life experiences that made her who she is today. In this keynote presentation, Newton talks about the anxiety, shame and hopelessness that she faced as the result of rejection. The actress talks about living life in a cross-cultural home and describes her struggle to fit in and to belong. Newton explains how she was defined by her otherness. She was different and went unnoticed, often feeling lost and without a purpose until she put all of her expression into dancing and performing. The actress names her first acting role as a defining moment in understanding her true purpose in life. Individuals often get lost in their idea of themselves. We all stem from the same place and race is an illegitimate concept created from our fear and ignorance. Thandie states that our idea of our self is not real but merely a projection created by out minds. The actress recounts how she turned shame into enlightenment and how living from one's essence connects us to our surrounding world.