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This Lisa Kristine Conference Discusses the Tragedy of Inhumane Work

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: lisakristine & youtube
This Lisa Kristine conference explores the horrors of modern day slavery. Kristine is an acclaimed and internationally recognized humanitarian photographer.

With heartfelt and moving passion, Kristine discusses the hidden happenings of slavery on a global scale. She has been working with humanitarian organizations for decades, capturing the hardship of indigenous peoples. She begins with an engaging anecdote, recalling her experiences within the depths of a mine shaft run by slaves.

She outlines the feelings of shame she felt when she was confronted with the true dynamics and hidden underbelly of slavery. If she, as a woman of experience and exposure to hardships, had not realized the drastic state of slavery, how could the general population fully understand the dire situation.

Her photographic works personify the problem, reminding the fortunate populations of the Americas and Europe that these are human beings. These are people. They are not issues. They are not politics.