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Osama Manzar Discusses the Power of Opportunity in Technology

 - Feb 8, 2012
References: manzar.info & youtube
Osama Manzar is the founder of the Digital Empowerment Foundation, which aims to raise awareness of the information barriers in India. The overwhelming information poverty in India create more than just a digital disconnect for the country. India is missing out on the educational and business opportunities available from these modern information technologies.

Manzar has dedicated his career to overcoming the information barrier between the rural and developed sectors of the country. Given the power of technology, Indian youth have the ability to explore opportunities. Information, education and communication derived from the Internet is overwhelming and necessary to gain a professionally competitive edge.

India must be included in the global village, considered in online contribution and educated in utilizing the tools available through technology. The Digital Empowerment Foundation makes efforts to accomplish this mission.