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Ashley Wrencher's Talk on The Importance of Sorting Things

 - May 23, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Ashley Wrencher delivers a TEDx talk on the importance of sorting things to create space in our lives for what matters. Wrencher is a Corporate Compensation Analyst and has nine years of experience in the field of Human Resources. She is an active volunteer who regularly directs financial literacy and public speaking workshops for youth in her community. Having developed a passion and skillset for public speaking and training through her time at Toastmasters International, she offers her thoughts to audiences everywhere. She starts off this talk on the importance of sorting things by explaining her collection of sentimental items. This includes her first love note, her first luggage set, first baby earrings, and first book bag. This also means that she collects random items such as home decor and Pinterest recipes.

This results in a series of 'tomorrows' -- this means finding places for these collective pieces another day. Wrencher's home was hit by a tornado and within seconds, all of their belongings were destroyed. This led Wrencher and her husband to pay the price of waiting for 'tomorrow', but amidst all the loss, Wrencher realizes the true meaning behind all the things she had collected. The storm was sent for her to deal with her pile of 'tomorrow' today, so she encourages her audience to make their 'tomorrow pile' more present.