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Vittorio Loreto's Talk on New Ideas Considers Great Discoveries

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Physicist, professor, and the director of SONY Computer Science Laboratories in Paris, Vittorio Loreto delivers a talk on new ideas for a TED event in Milan, in which he considers the need for innovators to start thinking at the edge of what is already known.

He begins his talk on new ideas by going over some of the greatest discoveries made, and how their founders arrived upon them. Although he agrees that exploring completely new territory can be incredibly intimidating, he shows that it's in this space where the greatest innovations come from. With the advancement of technology, Loreto explains that it's easier now than ever to reimagine the possible and reach new heights. He explains that when the mind is exposed to new people, experiences, and ideas, it's constantly reshaped to take on different forms of thinking, allowing it to develop fresh definitions of what can be created.

With his talk on new ideas, Loreto makes a scientific case that highlights how innovation happens in the space of the unknown, and he inspires his audience to expand their knowledge and think outside the box wherever possible.