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Caitlyn Roux Gives a Talk on The Importance of Self-Love

 - May 18, 2018
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Caitlyn Roux grew up in South Africa and is a student, model, and motivational speaker -- she gives a talk on the importance of self-love. She speaks a lot about the concept of self-love and the powerful impact it has on people. Through all of it, she shares her own struggles growing up and the perspectives placed on everyone by society. Roux begins her speech by questioning the audience on how they define themselves, evoking thought on the harshness that self-perception often comes with -- how these ideas conjured up in our heads correlate to external factors of our capabilities.

The idea of being liked by others leads one down the path of allowing other people's opinions define who we are. To begin the process of self-love, she began journaling and ended each entry with a positive affirmation of herself. Roux also began reading motivational books and filling her space with positive quotes. Through all this, she realizes her capability was within herself the entire time and all these external definitions are not where self-happiness lies. Roux emphasizes that our happiness and our world is something we create for ourselves. It is important to realize our own journey, to put ourselves first and put value in the relationship we have with ourselves. Without that self-love, it limits us to pour positivity towards other people.