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In Her Talk on Sex Ed, Sue Saye Johnson Considers Pleasure and Consent

 - Jan 27, 2018
References: suejaye & youtube
Sue Jaye Johnson, a photojournalist and producer, delivered a talk on sex ed for TED, which surrounded the importance of teaching intimacy, clear consent, and self-pleasure to girls.

Throughout her talk, Johnson considers the ways in which children are taught to limit their emotions, leading them to become less aware of their senses and the importance of embracing their sexual autonomy. She goes on to talk about her experiences as a mother, to show how other parents can help to create an open dialogue with their children to discuss the changes that adolescence brings.

With her talk on sex ed, Johnson highlights the need to go beyond more traditional teachings of the matter, and to communicate the need for mutually beneficial connections in order to ensure more positive and meaningful intimate relationships.